(The Field of Origin and Refugee of the Endangered)

The suggestive field for human evolution accommodates and defines the biodiversity of attachments.

Would you love to meet the semi-nomadic Maasai in the wilderness? How pretty the interaction of the Flora and Fauna rotating around the world’s largest Caldera.
Global endangered species such the black rhinos are isolated in the area along with the density of Wildebeests (the seasonal migrants), together with the Zebras,

Thomson’s and Giant Gazelles and other ungulates into the Northern Plains.
More special, over 80 years, the place has been a unique archaeological site for its suggestive fossils that led to the great ancient discovery Making Tanzania ‘The Eden Of Africa’ , a place where the skulls of the earliest man that is; Australopithecus Africanus , Zinjanthropus Bosei, Homo Habilis, Homo erectus and Homo sapiens were discovered in the Olduvai Gorge. More of it, the oldest human footprints at Laetoli are the few suggestive discoveries of the earliest life in the plains and stone technologies at Lake Ndutu.

The land marks eras before Mesozoic era, welcoming more inquiry of human history behind millenniums in a special way to Tanzania.


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