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This is one of the least well known yet beautiful routes up Kilimanjaro; your efforts will be rewarded with a unique scenic splendor that is not seen on the other commonly traversed routes. This Kilimanjaro 8 Days Lemosho Route hiking trip, is a very special itinerary designed for those wishing to make the ascent to the summit in the daylight hours as well as with sunrise. There is a higher success rate to the summit on this route as it allows acclimatization on your way up Kilimanjaro. The start is west of the other gates, and you pass through the Lemosho Glades where you may view some of the game in this side of the park (Buffalo, elephants and some other big game animals.) It is not unusual for climbers to be accompanied by an armed ranger on the first day.

Below is an example itinerary, all our programs are flexible and tailored to the individual groups so please let us know if you would like to make any changes. The day before your climb you will receive a full briefing from our climbing team, all your equipment will receive a final check and we will be able to answer any of your questions.

Arrival Day

Welcome to Tanzania! Upon your arrival at Kilimanjaro International Airport (KIA), our friendly driver will be waiting outside the arrival lounge with a personalized sign to greet you. Sit back and relax during the 40-50 minute drive to your accommodation in Moshi. Enjoy a delicious meal and unwind before embarking on your exciting adventure the following day.

Accommodation: Hotel/Lodge in Moshi

Tour Plan

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Day 1 Mti Mkubwa Camp (2,780 M)

In the Morning our Mountain Guide & Crew support will arrive and meet you up at the hotel for a quick briefing and after you will be transferred by a vehicle (roughly 3-4 hours) to Kilimanjaro National Park’s western entrance: Londorossi Gate (2,200 m). After the quick formality of acquiring climbing permits and registering with the search and rescue service, the group will start trekking towards the first camp of the route: Mti Mkubwa Camp (2,780 m). Raincoats are necessary on this day in particular, as you will be walking through the rainforest. By the time you reach the camp, our professional mountain crew will prepare everything necessary, put up tents and cook lunch for you.

This being your first day at high altitude we strongly recommend the following:

  1. Abstain from taking any caffeine or alcohol.
  2. Drink water often, at least 3 liters per day from time to time.
  3. Ensure to take Diamox for relief from altitude sickness symptoms. It is usually taken in the morning before the day’s climbing. Consult your physician before undertaking the trip to check for possible contraindications.
  4. Heed your body’s warnings and promptly inform your guide of any adverse symptoms.

Acclimatization-associated discomfort is common at night when your body gets less oxygen than during the day. This is normally expressed in the form of nausea and headaches.

Change in Elevation: Londorossi Gate (2,200 M) – Mti Mkubwa Camp (2,780 M)
Hiking Distance: Approximately 6 Km
Hiking Time: 3-5 Hours
Habitat: Rain-forest

Day 2 Shira 1 Camp (3,505 M)

After an early breakfast and the group will start a gradual trek upwards until 3,500 meters; at that point for the first time you will be able to see stunning views of Shira Plateau and Kibo Volcano.

On the whole, the passage from Mti Mkubwa Camp to the second high-altitude Shira 1 Camp (3,505 m) is rather easy and takes about 5-6 hours. This will allow you to start the acclimatization process gradually, which is a mainstay of good trekking. When you reach the camp, your team of specialists will cook you lunch and you will have the chance to rest in your tent or walk around the nearby area.

Change in Elevation: Mti Mkubwa Camp (2,780 M) – Shira 1 Camp (3,505 m)
Hiking Distance: Approximately 5 Km
Hiking Time: 5-6 Hours
Habitat: Grassland

Day 3 Shira 2 Camp (3,900 M)

On this day the group departs from Shira 1 Camp (3,505 m) and a light trekking towards the second high altitude camp: Shira 2 Camp (3,900 m). This trek is not difficult and you will be able to enjoy spectacular views of Africa and the unique flora of Kilimanjaro and the surrounding area. Shira 2 Camp is the best place on the trip to see Mount Meru (the fifth summit of Africa), weather permitting.

When you arrive to camp you will have lunch, and after a two-hour rest everyone will complete an acclimatization hike towards Lava Tower Camp that features a 300 meter gain in altitude.

Change in Elevation: Shira 1 Camp (3,505 M) – Shira 2 Camp (3,900 M)
Hiking Distance: Approximately 7 Km
Hiking Time: 3-4 Hours
Habitat: Moorland

Day 4 Barranco Camp (3,960 M)

After breakfast you will leave Shira 2 Camp (3,900 m) and start your way to the key point of the route: Lava Tower (4,630 m). This section of the route has a lot of ascents and descents that end in a camp at over 4,600 meters. It might be difficult, and you may feel some discomfort, but in order to successfully acclimate to the altitude you have to spend at least 1–2 hours here, so this is where lunch will be. Then you will descend to Barranco Camp (3,960 m).

Change in Elevation: Shira 2 Camp (3,900 M) – Lava Tower (4,630 M) – Barranco Camp (3,960 M)
Hiking Distance: Approximately 7 Km
Hiking Time: 3-4 Hours
Habitat: Moorland

Day 5 Karanga Valley Camp (4,035 M)

Your day begins by tackling the awesome obstacle of the Great Barranco Wall. Whilst initially an imposing site, its climb is invariably easier than anticipated. You will quickly appreciate how beautiful the mighty Kilimanjaro is when you reach the bottom of the Heim Glacier. You will then head down to the Karanga Valley. This is a short walking day, but we recommend doing a short acclimatization hike to the scree below the glaciers in the afternoon.

Change in Elevation: Barranco Camp (3,960 M) – Karanga Valley Camp (4,035 M)
Hiking Distance: Approximately 5 Km
Hiking Time: 4-5 Hours
Habitat: Alpine Desert

Day 6 Barafu Camp (4,640 M)

After breakfast, you begin your way up to Barafu Summit Camp (4,640 m). Our team will set up a camp for you ahead of time, including tents and sleeping bags, so you can relax. After regaining strength, you have to complete an acclimatization climb towards the intermediate Kosovo Summit Camp with its highest point being 4,800 m and then back to Barafu Camp, where you will be served a hot dinner. It is better to spend the remainder of the day resting and sleeping before night summiting.

Change in Elevation: Karanga Valley Camp (4,035 M) – Barafu Camp (4,640 M)
Hiking Distance: Approximately 6 Km
Hiking Time: 4-5 Hours
Habitat: Alpine Desert

Day 7 Barafu Camp (4,640 M) to Uhuru Peak (5,895 M) and Descend to Millennium Camp (3,820 M)

At around midnight you will be awoken to some light tea and biscuits and will make a move into the night from Barafu Camp (4,640 m) towards Uhuru peak (5,895 m), the highest point of Africa. The trekking will be moderate from a physical standpoint, but the altitude presents a much more serious problem. For the entire length of the trekking each pair of climbers will be accompanied by their own guide, who will be monitoring your stamina and mental resolve.

After your successful ascent to Uhuru Peak, you can descend to the nearest glacier if desired. Then you will return to Barafu Camp, here you will have a well earned but short rest and collect the rest of your gear, before heading down to Millennium Camp (3,820 M).

Change in Elevation: Barafu Camp (4,640 M) – Uhuru Peak (5,895 M) – Millennium Camp (3,820 M)
Hiking Distance: Approximately 15 Km
Hiking Time: 8-12 Hours
Habitat: Arctic

Day 8 Mweka Gate (1,650 M)

This last camp’s position being far lower at the forest line will afford you a good night’s sleep further enhanced by thoughts of having reached the top. Breakfast will be followed by the return to 1,650 m at the final point in this adventure; Mweka Gate. Here you will receive your certificates; those climbers who reached Gillman’s point (5,681m) are issued with green certificates and those who reached Uhuru Peak (5,895m) receive gold certificates. After you will be transferred back to your hotel for relaxation

Change in Elevation: Millennium Camp (3,820 M) – Mweka Gate (1,650 M)
Hiking Distance: Approximately 12 Km
Hiking Time: 4-5 Hours
Habitat: Rain-forest

Accommodation: Hotel/Lodge in Moshi

Day 9 Departure

"After an unforgettable adventure with AMAZING GALLERY EXPEDITIONS, it's time to bid farewell to Tanzania. From Kilimanjaro International Airport (KIA), you'll board your international flight back home. We thank you for entrusting us with this incredible journey and hope to have the pleasure of hosting you again on your next visit to Tanzania. Asante sanaaa!"

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