(Home to tree Climbing Lions)

Behold! Like a mirror in between, so resides the Lake Manyara. A 40 minutes drive to Ngorongoro and 40 minutes drive to Tarangire.

The park resides along the Great Rift Valley extending from Ngorongoro. Topographically, the land is comprised of both highlands and saline drainage area. Thus it accommodates various Flora and Fauna. About 670 flowering plants like the Quinine tree and Sycamores. Over 300 bird species sing and refresh along the sunrise and sunset.

Lake Manyara would be a better tour point for a refreshing leisure. One would enjoy the view from the camping sites of elegant giraffes, elephants and birds like lilac breast roller.

Along with that one would swim in natural stream extending from the hills and plains of the Park to the residence area of the Mto wa Mbu oasis. Hot springs is another spectacular feature of the place along with the long and distant glancing lions on the trees.

Manyara is the mirror of the Northern circuit of the tourist attractions in Tanzania.


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